Essential Oil-Cream for Rosacea

Redness and Pimples?

Rosacea symptoms

What causes Rosacea?
Certain body types are heat sensitive, leading to facial surface issues such as flushing/ redness and even papule/nodule proliferation in more serious cases.

Stabilize Skin Effectively


Fragrance & essence free

Lessens Sensitivity

Reduces redness & itchiness
Ultimate Regenerating Cream
98 %
Have no reaction*
Original formula, using 100-year-old natural oil from France with low sensitivity
Other common creams
cause sensitivity!
Not made specifically for those with sensitive skin, and cause sensitivity easily.
*Tested on 40 generally sensitive skins, non-damaged skins, and severely sensitive skins that require medical treatment.
*reminder: the product is tested to prevent from sensitivity. However due to the various skin types and conditions, a little part of people are still allergic to essential oil. The first time please try it on a small area until you’re certain that it has no reaction. If you’re seeing doctors or taking medicines, please finish your treatment before you try on new skincare products!

Safe for sensitive skin

harmless & effective

Guaranteed not to contain any of the following ingredients:

colorants, paraben, industrial alcohol, mineral oil, propylene glycol, artificial flavors, formaldehyde preservatives, DMDM, MI, chemical surfactant sulfate, chemical humectant PE, PG, antioxidant BHA, BHT, alkali Agent TEA, Triclosan with chlorine bactericide, ethanol methanol with solvent astringent, nonyl phenol with environmental NP, synthetic colors (synthetic kerosene), isopropyl myristate (IPM) IPP, plasticizer DBP, DEHP, DOP, Dichloromethane, animal derived skin lotion, mineral oil emollients.